As your ecommerce business grows and evolves, you may find yourself wondering if it’s time to upgrade from standard Shopify to Shopify Plus. While standard Shopify offers a robust platform for small to medium-sized businesses, Shopify Plus is designed specifically for high-growth businesses and enterprise-level companies. In this blog post, we will explore the key factors to consider when deciding if it’s the right time to make the move to Shopify Plus.

Scalability and High-volume Sales:

One of the primary reasons to upgrade to Shopify Plus is scalability. If your business experiences rapid growth and high-volume sales, standard Shopify may not be able to handle the increased traffic, transactions, and complex workflows efficiently. Shopify Plus is equipped with advanced infrastructure and performance optimizations to handle substantial spikes in traffic, ensuring a seamless shopping experience for your customers during peak sales periods. If your business is expanding rapidly or you anticipate significant growth in the near future, upgrading to Shopify Plus can provide the scalability you need to support your growing customer base.

Advanced Customization and Personalization:

While standard Shopify offers customization options, Shopify Plus takes customization to the next level. If your business requires extensive customization and personalization, Shopify Plus provides advanced tools and flexibility to meet your unique needs. With Shopify Plus, you have the ability to work with dedicated Shopify Plus experts who can help you create a fully customized storefront and tailor backend workflows to align with your business processes. This level of customization is particularly beneficial for businesses with complex branding requirements, intricate product offerings, or unique integration needs.

Multi-channel Sales and International Expansion:

If you’re planning to expand your business beyond your online store and venture into multi-channel sales or international markets, Shopify Plus offers the necessary features and integrations to support these initiatives. With Shopify Plus, you can seamlessly integrate with popular marketplaces, such as Amazon and eBay, as well as social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook, to reach a broader audience. Additionally, Shopify Plus enables you to create multiple storefronts for different regions or languages, allowing you to tailor your customer experience and expand your global footprint.

Dedicated Support and Account Management:

Another significant advantage of upgrading to Shopify Plus is the level of support and account management you receive. With Shopify Plus, you gain access to a dedicated account manager who will serve as your primary point of contact. These account managers are experienced professionals who provide personalized assistance, strategic guidance, and priority support. They work closely with you to understand your business goals, help you optimize your ecommerce operations, and ensure that you’re making the most of the Shopify Plus platform. This high level of support can be invaluable for businesses that require hands-on assistance and want to maximize their growth potential.

Advanced Features and Integrations:

Shopify Plus offers a range of advanced features and integrations that are not available on standard Shopify plans. These features include custom checkout experiences, API access for seamless integration with third-party systems, and enhanced security features. Shopify Plus also provides access to additional tools and services, such as Launchpad (for managing flash sales and product launches), Flow (for automating workflows), and Script Editor (for customizing pricing and promotions). If your business requires these advanced functionalities to streamline operations, enhance customer experiences, and drive revenue, upgrading to Shopify Plus is a logical step.


Upgrading from standard Shopify to Shopify Plus is a decision that should be carefully evaluated based on your business needs, growth trajectory, and long-term goals. If your business is experiencing rapid growth, requires advanced customization, is expanding into new sales channels or international markets, and would benefit from dedicated support and advanced features, then upgrading to Shopify Plus can be a game-changer for your ecommerce success. Consider the scalability, customization, multi-channel capabilities, dedicated support, and advanced features offered by Shopify Plus to determine if it’s the right time to make the move and unlock the full potential of your online business.